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Connors & Sullivan, Attorneys at Law, PLLC provides experienced representation on behalf of clients involved in estate litigation. If you or a family member needs to speak with an experienced estate and probate attorney in New York about a contested will, we encourage you to contact one of our law offices in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Nassau.

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Estate Litigation

The American family has changed over time. Many people now divorce, then remarry, creating a blended family with children from the first marriage and birth children from the second marriage. Sometimes people marry or remarry later in life, creating confusion in wills, over which heir gets what. At Connors And Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC, we can represent you whether you are contesting a will or if you are a fiduciary who needs assistance defending a will from a will contest.

Some of the reasons why estate litigation may occur are:

  • The intent of the will writer or testator is unclear
  • The mental stability of the testator has been called into question
  • A party has a claim against the estate
  • A party contests the will, because he or she believes that the testator was unduly influenced by a caregiver or a party who stood to benefit
  • The will is a fraud, because someone misled the testator or the document was improperly signed and witnessed
  • Two or more wills have been found
  • Forgery

A contested will often involves large sums of money, including a hefty bank account, life insurance policy or valuable residential or commercial property. If you are not sure of your rights as a beneficiary, your choice of attorney is important. You want an attorney with significant experience in the resolution of a will contest and other types of estate litigation — someone who will safeguard your inheritance rights.

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