Home Care Applications

New York City Attorneys: Medicaid Home Care Applications for the Elderly

Most seniors would prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes as they grow older. Nursing home care is only one way of managing long-term care. It is possible to remain at home and receive Medicaid care. Medicaid can provide Home Attendants to help maintain a loved one by cooking, cleaning and caring for them.

Qualifying for Medicaid Home Care

The law offices of Connors And Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC helps clients plan for Medicaid eligibility. Although a person's home may be an exempt asset, a lien may be placed upon your home by Medicaid after you pass away in order to pay for Medicaid home care services you used during your lifetime. That is why the attorneys at our firm can help clients safeguard their assets and plan for their futures. For a complimentary consultation with an estate planning attorney, call our New York City law firm at 718-414-6209 or 212-235-1339. We have offices in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Nassau for your convenience. Contact us via e-mail

Medicaid Home Care Applications

Medicaid home care applications are fairly complex. In our more than 25 years in legal practice, we have found it important to pay close attention to the process itself. Our full service law firm provides the necessary guidance to assist our clients in getting approved for home care through Medicaid. Our services include assisting clients in completing all the necessary Medicaid forms.

It is possible to be eligible for Medicaid Home Care even if you receive a Social Security check. If you need to spend down income to qualify for Medicaid, we can help you create a plan to manage the process. It may involve creating a pooled income trust or transferring assets to another family member.

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Medicaid home care applications are an important part of the  estate planning process. For assistance in advance of need, call a life care plan attorney at Connors And Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC in New York City at 718-414-6209 or 212-235-1339, or contact us via e-mail for a confidential appointment with an elder law lawyer.