How a legal professional can assist in probate litigation matters

Whether a loved one died without a will or portions of a will are being contested, there are times when legal disputes may arise related to a loved one’s estate plan. Probate litigation matters are often highly emotional and contentious and, if not handled in a sensitive manner, things can quickly escalate and get out of hand.

Residents in the New York City area who have questions or concerns about documents or portions of a loved one’s estate plan would be wise to speak with an attorney at Connors And Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC. Our attorneys understand the significant toll that losing a loved one can take on a family. We also know that tensions between a current spouse and children from a previous marriage or between siblings can cause people to do and say things that are out of character.


When questions related to the validity of a will, an executor’s breach of fiduciary duties or a relative’s claim to personal items are posed; it’s important to have a legal advocate on your side who understands the law and who can determine if it’s necessary to take legal action.

In cases where an individual chooses to move forward with a probate litigation matter, it’s important to thoroughly investigate factors that may have influenced or contributed to a loved one’s actions. Did a current spouse use his or her undue influence to coerce a loved one into signing a new will? Did a trustee breach his or her fiduciary duties and fail to act for the benefit of the trust and beneficiary? Is an executor correctly interpreting a loved one’s will? These are just a few of the types of questions that an attorney at Connors And Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC can help answer and resolve.

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