Free Seminar: Plan To Protect Loved Ones and avoid bankruptcy should something happen to you

Do you ever think about what your legacy will be? Legacy is commonly defined as, “a gift by will, especially of money or other personal property.” But legacy includes much more, such as the values you live by and that you want to convey to future generations.

Fact: Failure to plan will hurt you and/or your loves ones.

Many people don’t give much thought to planning their legacy — whether it’s how to ensure their wishes are enacted, or what will happen if they become unable to care for themselves. Although many estate planning tools exist for positive outcomes, nearly half of Americans don’t utilize them because of perceived cost and/or lack of information. That’s why Connors and Sullivan Attorneys At Law, PLLC, offers free seminars.

Free November seminars in Brooklyn and Queens

Come learn about the many legal tools available to you and your loved ones. Wills, elder law, trusts and probate law sound confusing, but Mike Connors, Attorney and Founding Partner, will unravel it all for you at these free seminars so you can make smarter decisions about your future: How to prevent bankruptcy from nursing home bills, how your assets should be allocated, and how to spare loved ones the hurt of having to guess at your wishes after you are gone.

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