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Fact: Poor planning or no planning will hurt your loved ones

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Elder Law Trusts & Estates Law Estate Planning

Free Brooklyn Seminars: RSVP (718) 238-6500

Seminar Information

Tues. July 27 Wed. July 28

11 AM, 3 PM, 7PM
Marine Park
2926 Avenue S

*11AM, 3PM, 7PM
71-17 Grand Avenue
* Video Presentation
Thurs. July 29 Fri. July 30

11AM, *3PM, 7PM
Bay Ridge
Bay Ridge Manor
476- 76 Street
* Video Presentation

11AM, 3PM
Adria Hotel
221-17 Northern Blvd


We’ll help you make smarter decisions THAT

Protect YOUR assets from the Government & Nursing Homes

Spare loved ones from the difficulties of probate

Apply for Home Care benefits

Schedule a FREE consultation with a lawyer to:
protect you, your family & assets

Free consultation at any of our 5 offices: (718) 238-6500

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