Estate planning: It’s about more than having a will

Planning for the future is something we do all the time. We schedule vacations, set aside money for retirement, organize long-term payment plans for a house and do what we can to support our kids as they grow up and think about what they want to be someday.

But when it comes to planning for the time after we pass away, we can find it much more difficult to approach the subject. Because of this, many people end up putting off estate planning, placing the burden of the planning and complicated decision-making on their loved ones. In order to avoid doing this, it can be crucial for people have some basic documents in place.

Basic estate planning documents include:

  • Wills
  • Living wills or advanced care directives (includes your wishes about medical care in the event that you become incapacitated or cannot express them)
  • Power of attorney (naming someone who can make legal decisions on your behalf)
  • Trusts to protect assets

Once these planning documents are completed and enforceable, you can feel quite relieved and secure, which is certainly a good thing.

Rather than focus on the complex and overwhelming aspects of estate planning, you can instead focus on the anxiety and frustration you are saving your loved ones from by having these basic planning tools in place.

The attorneys at our law firm are prepared to help you make the necessary plans to protect yourself, your assets and your wishes. We can guide you through the process of creating an estate plan so that you don’t have to try and figure it all out alone. With some planning and some support, you can be confident that your future and the future of your loved ones are protected.

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